Old School Throws

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The Quint is our modern take on an old school organic yoyo.  The high walls and small diameter are reminiscent of designs from a decade ago.  That said, there are some elements incorporated into the design that are popular today.  The small step in the gap helps with increased stability, something many old organics lacked.  


Diameter: 52.3 mm

Width: 36.6 mm

Weight: 63.1g 

Initial Release: August 2017

Second Run Quints

A-rt Collaboration 

We were fortunate enough to work alongside the guys at A-rt and design a yoyo that fit both of our lineups.  The yoyo is effectively a more compact version of their oversized 420 with a nice wide profile.  Adriot hands will enjoy the smooth spins and silky finish.


Diameter: 52.7 mm

Width: 46.0 mm

Weight: 64.3g 

Initial Release from A-rt: June 2018

Initial Release from OST: July 2018

Collaboration with A/rt


The Resto, short for restoration, follows our goal of promoting yesterday's design characteristics with today's innovation.  Personally, some of my favorite yoyos are the slimlines from the boom, particularly ProYo's various Isotope models and the HSpin Handquake.  This yoyo was designed to share a similar size and shape but have stainless steel rings, not to make it feel like a tank, but for stability not common to yoyos of this width.  We wanted to see how much play we could pack into a narrow frame!


Diameter: 55.8 mm

Width: 31.4 mm

Weight: 56.2 g

Release: January 2019



There has never been a tungsten ringed yoyo available at the retail level.  Some of our favorite yoyos are the Dert minis (c. 2007) that feature tungsten rings in a 41mm frame.  

We had two goals: make a miniature Resto and take advantage of super dense tungsten rings.  Check out for the photo below to see how we did in regards to the former.  As for play, the rings bring stability and the yoyo is surprising floaty for its size (thanks to low overall weight and extra heavy rings) which is something we wanted to do.  I've persoannly never been a fan of minis with full size weight, they generally feel clunky.  We're super proud of how these came out!


Diameter: 41.0 mm

Width: 31.0 mm

Weight: 56.1 g

Preorder: April 2019

Release: June 2019

Resto and Medallion